Extraction of Sodium Sulphate in Agitated Thin Film Dryer Salt and Reuse of Glauber Salt in Dyeing Processing


  • S. Vignesh, R. Krishnasamy, D. Dhavashankaran, M. Poovizhiselvi


Generally, textile dyeing industries are using sodium sulphate & sodium chloride salts in wet processing system. Sodium sulphate salts are generated in centrifuge system in CETP units, salts are generated increasing gravity in forced film evaporation mechanism, FFE reject water carried out to the crystallization process. Crystallization using high pressure steam converts into solid phase salt product. Its either been chloride 0r sulphate, depends upon the dosing and composition of salts using dyes effluent in treatment mechanism. The reject water accumulate in ATFD system. In this system generating 2% mixed salts from the day of production. ATFD salts presence of chloride and sulphate nature at the 60-70% of total composition. in the Mixed salts extraction in the specified sulphate compound to the solid –liquid extraction method using as a catalyst of acetonitrile-water solvent compound formed as a elution. Eluted products separation occurs to the Gas Chromatography mechanism. Additional solvent to the mobile phase as a sodium chloride as a miscible solvents in separation from organic solvents. Organic solvent layer drying process occurs using a helium or argon gas. Magnetic nuclear resonance spectroscopy for the composition of the phase resulting from settling out and compare the effectiveness of sodium sulphate as a drying agent.