A Study on Performance and Composite Ranking of Public and Private Sector Banks in India a Micro Level Study


  • Muhammed Shajahan K. P.


In the past, public sector banks had a monopoly on some services. These banks have now lost all of their advantages, special treatment, and monopoly powers. The public sector has suffered as a result of the government's new economic policies.Banks have found themselves in a competitive environment. The emergence of a new generation of private sector players the entire banking landscape has transformed as a result of banks. The majority of bad debts in Indian banks resulted from lending to the priority sector during the financial crisis.politicians' and bureaucrats' orders If only banks had kept a closer eye on their loans.The bad debt problem could have been efficiently managed, if not eradicated. Politicians and bureaucrats forced bank top management to pour good money after bad in the instance of dishonest borrowers. Many large borrowers defaulted solely as a result of the economic downturn. The primary cause of bad debts in banks is a lack of proper bankruptcy legislation and a dilatory judicial process for enforcing security claims.