Talent Management Based Employee Performance Development Model of PT Pertamina RU-VI Balongan


  • Ahmad Zaelani Adnan, Eeng Ahman, Disman, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Edi Suryadi, Syamsul Hadi Senen, Suwatno


A healthy and competitive company requires good quality employees (HR). Good quality employees are, certainly, the employees who have the essential competences and potential for the company. Furthermore, the employees who have desired competences and potential tend to get good performance as well. Thus, the company needs a proper HR development model that is able to increase the competence and potential of employees so that they can improve their performance. In order to complement the need for a performance development model that suits the needs and problems of the company, the implementation of talent management is seen to be a potential solution. PT Pertamina RU-VI Balongan Indramayu has an employee performance development model based on talent management. PT Pertamina RU-VI Balongan Indramayu implemented the talent management system which contributed to the improvement of the quality of employee performance. The quality of employee performance has an impact on the quality of the company's competitiveness in competition in the business world. The employees of PT Pertamina RU-VI Balongan Indramayu hold the qualifications required by the company. The facts clearly explained that the talent management system has a very high correlation with employee performance at PT Pertamina RU-VI Balongan Indramayu. This can be seen in several variables which are: work attitudes, innovation capabilities, competencies and organizational citizenship behavior that are identified in the employees. Therefore, employees (HR) become very valuable assets for the company.