Artistic frameworks for metaphorical images in the poetry of the Islamic and Umayyad era an analytical study


  • Dr. Entiha Abbas Aliwi


metaphorical image. Islamic era, Umayyad era, poets


Metaphor means a graphic method to create a rhetorical image through a figurative texture, and studies the literary text for being an artistic product, through which the text's capabilities and energies are understood and its impact on persuading and entertaining the listener through artistic performance, and its impact on the recipient, the writer, by exploiting the possibilities of the available language and forming it in a way that reflects his thinking, his taste and his vision of things, dyes his speech with his individual character, and creates for himself a special artistic portrayal that is not repeated by others, so any reader can distinguish, the word gains its strength from its proportionality with each other in expressions that have had an impact on the souls, so the importance of the metaphorical image is the tool that sits above all other rhetorical tools, by its presence or absence, it is judged by this speech, which we call graphically aspect , because it is the most influential tool in the soul, and the most capable of stabilizing the idea and feeling in it. As it is the artistic or tangible aspect of the imagination, it evokes emotions and moves them from their places, and is based on the emission of emotion in the recipient, as the metaphorical image is a way to establish the emotional effects of poetry in our souls, and most of it is that the Islamic and Umayyad poet realized through it the beauty of things, and employed its  images In his literature, and invested various scenes and colors to convey his experiences and draw its  frameworks, and for the importance of studying them in Islamic and Umayyad poetry and to stand on some artistic aspects in it, the research included three topics  preceded by an introduction, and topic  one  was the diagnostic image, topic two  was embodiment, and topic three  was the anthropomorphic image, I used the analytical description method, and I ended my research with the conclusion of the research and its most important sources