A study of an association between PTC tasting ability and Cataract


  • Hasna A. Mohaus, Asaad Y. Ayied


PTC, Taste, Cataract, Gender


The research was carried out from November 2018 to April 2019. The main objective was to study the association of the sensitivity of PTC and the incidence of cataract and glaucoma. The sensitivity of tasting the PTC substance was examined among a sample of (56) of cataract and glaucoma patients and (50) healthy individuals; their aged range (35-65) years old from both gender males and females. The results showed that the percentage of whitewater prevalence was very high (90%) while there were no patients of black water recorded and both of them were (10%). The results of the study showed that the sensitivity of patients' taste of PTC showed high percentage (76.7%) of non-tasters as compared to the tasters (23.3%) among white water patients.  Healthy individuals recorded (76.0% and 24.0%) for tasters and non-tasters respectively. These results suggested that there is an association between white water incidence and lack of taste of PTC.