Detection of Rutin in Iraqi mountain ebony leaves with the evaluation of its antioxidant activity


  • Rasha Eldalawy, Tahany Amir Tawfeeq, Rana Hussein Kutaif


Rutin, Iraqi mountain ebony leaves, antioxidant activity


Bauhinia variegata Linn commonly known as Mountain Ebony is a predominant medicinal plant which descends from Leguminosae family and widely utilized in   indigenous medicine due to their fascinating biological activities due to the large number of chemical constituents present in it. This study was designed for the detection of rutin flavonoid in the Iraqi Bauhinia variegate leaves and to study the antioxidant activity of leaves extract. this is done by extraction the leaves in soxhlet using 85% methanol followed by identification of rutin using chromatography, then antioxidant activity was measured using DPPH method. TLC with HPLC confirmed that rutin presents in Iraqi Bauhinia variegate leaves and its methanolic extract give a significant antioxidant effect with an IC50 24.59 as compared with ascorbic acid.