The Study of the Impact of Information Technology on Human Society


  • Veena S. Kakde


An era started in the country in 1991, which has brought dramatic changes in the economic environment of the country. India's economy has opened doors to the world economy and has invited large amounts of foreign capital, investment collaborations, and technology. Today every sector of the Indian economy is adapting itself to the changing economic environment. The rural sector is no exception in this direction. The new feature of today's globalization is information and communication technology which has had a great impact on society. Information technology has the potential to empower and develop people substantially. This technology revolution can affect the development potential of any society to a great extent. Their applications for agriculture and rural development are very wide and wide. The reach of information technology has increased and the scope has been created to use this medium for the development and efficiency of society. Many creative experiments are also being done in this direction. The central and state governments have started many big and new initiatives to speed up this process. These new technologies can drive small farmers towards knowledge-intensive agriculture. What social changes have been brought about by information technology? How are the social changes brought about by information technology effective? What is the impact of information technology on different sectors of society? What is the importance of information technology in the context of the development of society?