Fifth Class Rotary Kinematic Pair Research Device in a Vegetable Oil Production Press


  • Kenjaboev Shukurjon Sharipovich, Akbarov Alisher Normatjonovich, Bobomatov Abdugani Xusainovich, Muydinova Nilufar Qahramonqizi



The working body of the G-24 for press granulator used for the production of vegetable oil-the production of an experimental device of a technological machine with a newly developed fifth classrotary kinematic pair to determine the kinematic and dynamic parameters of the auger shaft.


To reduce the friction in the fifth class kinematic pair contained in the G-24 for press granulator, a method of reducing friction and wear by opening the longitudinal grooves in the inner cylinder of the proposed design is given.


The prosed design of a fifth class rotating kinematic pair allows for a uniform lubrication of the surfaces of the elements of the kinematic pair doe to the stock of lubricants in the longitudinal grooves of the inner cylinder. Besides, the total area of contact between cylindrical surfaces is reduced, thereby reducing friction and wear, resulting in an increase in the service life of the kinematic pair.


The experimental device of the G-24 for press granulator allows to study the number of revolutions in the kinematic pair, torque, angular velocity between the cylinders and the degree of rotation in kinematic pairs and the rotationals speed available in the device