Training of Man of Peace for Third Millennium: A Documentary Analysis


  • Teodulo Santos-Cruz, Karin Ponce-Rojas


The aim of the research was to define1the formation of the man of peace by the third millennium. The1research was a documented review on the formation of the man of peace with respect to the different conceptions that philosophers have had. The population was the different positions and opinions of the various authors and philosophers. The different theories and conceptions of the philosophers were used, for which it is considered that human duties are characterized by building in the first place the man of peace, on the basis of transforming his consciousness and the way of life, devoid of the pulsations of aggressiveness, on the basis of a man who builds, observes and cultivates his fellowmen in duties with nature, society, thought and work and on the fundamental pillars of civilization such as justice, equality and freedom. It was evident that in order to build the Man of Peace of the Third Millennium, it is necessary that States, Governments and world leaders be able to ideologize the world, on human duties, predisposing all material, human and any other resources to achieve the goal. Full human satisfaction in all orders, which translates into the well-being of society, is centered on the duty to achieve justice in all its dimensions. Only by assimilating the doctrine of human duties technically and scientifically in a given cultural process can the man of peace be built, to guarantee world peace.