Re-defining Detection: Investigating the Impact of Astrology in Manjiri Prabhu’s The Cosmic Clues(2004).


  • Krishnaja mol K, Dr Beena S Nair


astrology, astro-detective fiction, gender, horoscope


Modern detective fiction is noticeable for its wide variety of methods and techniques. Since ‘astro-detective fiction’ is a developing area, contemporary writers including Manjiri Prabhu use the scope and possibility of female astro-detectives, which seems to be a novel approach in literature. The present study focuses on Manjiri Prabhu’s  The Cosmic Clues(2004) and critically observes the different faces of female psyche and its unimaginable strengths and weaknesses. By introducing a female detective who solves cases by reading horoscope of suspects and detecting the criminal mentality of women in contemporary world, Prabhu subverts the gender roles and expectations.