Managerial Effectiveness in Secondary Schools of Baluchistan: Role of Policy Planning and Implementation Unit


  • Dr. Sadaf Jabeen, Naseebullah


PPIU, process of policy planning & implementation, managerial efficiency


Education Department Baluchistan had established a new setup of PPIU (Policy Planning and Implementation Unit) since July 2010 to bring forth reforms and improve educational standards. Since, policy planning and implementation is an important area and PPIU was completely a new setup, therefore, there was a need to research its role. Therefore, this research aimed at investigating Policy Planning and its Implementation by Policy Planning and Implementation Unit (PPIU) for enhancing managerial effectiveness of secondary schools in Balochistan. This qualitative study followed a case study research design. The data collection tools were semi structured interviews and document analysis. Purposive sampling technique was used which consists of twenty-one semi structured interviews. The document analysis included BESP (Baluchistan Education Sector Plan) 2013-2018, official documents of PPIU and other official documents of Baluchistan school education department. Thematic analysis was performed for analysing the collected data. The study found improved managerial skills and practices of head teachers and education managers through delegation of powers, capacity building programs, better planning, decision making and positive engagement. The study recommended for innovative planning practices, defined monitoring mechanisms, evidence based implementation processes, sound mechanisms and effective participation of different stakeholders, and proper arrangements for research and evidence based practices