Determination of Optimal Number of Class Interval and Class Size upon Certain Frequency Distribution in Medical Research


  • Dharmendra Kumar Dubey, Pramod Kumar Mishra


Introduction: Calculation of exact class interval and class size is an important part of data visualization and data summarization. Objective: To determine the accurate class interval and its size. Methods: It is very important to understand that different frequency distributions are given and need to determine accurate class interval and its size; it cannot be used randomly in all frequency data set. IQ level of 100 hospital and health care management students were considered to find the appropriate number of the class and size of the class. Results: Here, author tried to educate researcher regarding the method of class interval (it may be exclusive, inclusive or open-ended) and its size calculation for different data set. Conclusion: In this study, number of class interval and size calculated with help of frequency distribution for given data set and for public health and other studies, readers may explore to read other sources as well.