Unreal Engine's Realistic War First-Third Person Shooting Game: Fallen Heroes


  • Sallar Khan, Syed Nabeel Ahmed, Ayesha Khaliq, Shahzaib, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Okasha Imran


Research has shown that there is a connection between first-person and third-party shooter video games and higher mental flexibility. People in such games were found to require a far lower response time to move between difficult tasks, partly because they require rapid reactions to quickly moving graphics by building a responsive mindset when playing FPS or TPS. The successful design, attractive visuals and models of both the FPS and TPS games will provide you with the best experience in playing the game. The FPS and TPS games are a kind of 3D video game that has been a popular day in the field of gaming. The game is a kind of 3D video game. Combat and action centered history are the key design aspect of this style of game. This game is also a role player, as the player has to play from the main player's point of view.