A Comparative Study on Useful Learning Algorithms Used for the Stock Market Analysis or Prediction


  • Ahsan Masroor, Sallar Khan, Jawaria Hafeez Siddiqui, Abdul Khaliq, Shariq Ahmed, Parshan Kumar


Predicting, analyzing, and forecasting financial markets always remain a challenging task for investors and researchers around the globe. Many authors implemented and discussed various learning models for their studies and conclude many hypothesizes, the fundamental objective of our study is to discuss all the possible learning algorithms or models used by the authors in this area of financial marketing also to highlight the optimal or state of art learning algorithm which produced the effective results among the many studies. This study will help out future researchers to choose the best possible learning technique for their desire financial market problem, also it can help many researchers to choose the optimal technique for the creation of any of their future products for the field of the stock market.