Improving of Eggplant tolerance to salt stress by application of Selenium


  • Prof. Dr. Hadi Yasir Abbood Al-Janabi, Diyaa Hussain Eabs Al-Musawi


: Eggplant tolerance, salt stress, Selenium


 The experiment was conducted during the autumn season 2020-2021 in one of the plastic houses belonging to the department of horticulture, College of Agriculture, Al-qasim Green University to study the effect of irrigation water salinity and soil application of selenium on some soil characteristics, growth  and yield of Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) under the covered agriculture system.Three irrigation water salinity levels 1.8, 4, 8 ds.m-1  and five selenium levels 0, 10, 20, 40, 80 gm.ha-1 in Factorial experiment in RCBD with three replicates were used. Increasing  irrigation water salinity to 8 dsm-1 increased significantly the soil salinity and decreased soil reaction and most of plant growth parameters such as vegetative  and root dry matter and the yield of Eggplants while the soil addition of selenium mitigate the effect of the salinity on the most plant growth parameters . Soil addition of selenium increased both total and available concentrations of selenium in soil and N,P,K,Se concentration in leaves.