Effects of Teaching and Learning Processes, Facilities, Services on Student Satisfaction at the Faculty of Dentistry of Hasanuddin University, Indonesia


  • Fuad Husain, Mohd Saleh Abbas, Biamin Ahmad, Albert Feisal Ismail, Christina Andin, Hidayatul Sakinah Mohd Zulkifli, Jabil Mapjabil


Teaching and learning process, Facilities, Services, Satisfaction, Student


Introduction: Education is the main driver of economic growth, especially in the higher education sector, making markets more competitive, influencing the social and economic development of individuals in a country. Satisfaction is the happiness that is obtained when someone meets their needs and desires. Student satisfaction is influenced by several factors, good quality education provides better learning opportunities. These factors include student’s academic performance, faculty performance, classroom environment, learning facilities and the reputation of educational institutions. Objective: Knowing the effect of teaching and learning processes, facilities, services to student satisfaction at the faculty of dentistry of Hasanuddin University. Methods: This research is observational analytic with cross sectional design. The number of subjects in this study were 373 clinical and preclinical students. Assessment of teaching and learning processes, facilities, services to satisfaction using a questionnaire totaling 43 question items consisting of 5 dimensions using descriptive data analysis and Linear Regression Test. Result: Linear Regression Test shows a significant value (p <0.05 which means the effect) on the variable of the teaching and learning process of the 5 dimensions has an influence on satisfaction, the variable dimensions of the facility has an influence on satisfaction, and on the 4 dimensional service variable has an influence on satisfaction with students at the faculty of dentistry of Hasanuddin University. Conclusion: This study shows that subjects assess the teaching and learning process in the high satisfaction category, while facilities and servants are in the medium category, in addition to this study shows that the teaching and learning process, facilities, and services have an effect on student satisfaction in the faculty of dentistry. The most influencing factor is that this facility is related to the learning method applied namely SCL (Student Center Learning).