Chantaboon Mat Weaving : Development of Community Enterprise in Eastern Thailand


  • Pattama Pasitpakakul


The objectives of this research were 1) to study the management of community enterprise and 2) to investigate development for sustainability of Chantaboon mat weaving community enterprise, Ban Bang Srakao, Laemsigha District, Chantaburi Province. This research used qualitative method. Data was collected by the fieldwork survey and in-depth interviews conducted for15informants ofsenior local people with knowledge of weaving mats, leaders ofcommunity enterprise group and weavers or group members selected from purposive sampling in Ban Bang Srakao, Laemsigha District, Chantaburi Province.Content analysis was used to analyze and interpret the data for the objectives of the research. The result revealed that the group members, Chantaboon mat weaving community enterprise, were approximately 100 members from different families and they collaborated on mat weaving by dividing the work according to specific expertise. Group leaders encouraged and supported members to participate in group and implemented plans to develop community enterprise. The raw materials of mat, reeds, were planted in the local area which reduced costs and enhanced quality of products. The guidelines for the development of community enterprise were 1) creating an identity of specific-owned local products 2) developing product design and utilization, and 3) inheriting or training in production for conservation to the next generation.